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Laserfiche WebLink is a secure Web-publishing tool that distributes information while keeping it safe. WebLink publishes select documents in a Laserfiche repository to an intranet or the Internet in read-only form. Documents can be made available through the Web almost instantly, and users need only an Internet browser in order to access them. Built on ASP .NET, WebLink can be customized to match the look and feel of an organization's Internet or intranet site.

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Latest News
Escalation Highlight: Web Product Server Configuration
This article explores the way that Laserfiche WebLink and Web Access can be configured to access your repository, and describes an issue with security particular to these customizations.
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Latest Education Resource Articles
Setting Up Kerberos for WebLink7
This paper explains in detail how to implement delegation through Kerberos to allow Windows authentication to be used with the Laserfiche WebLink or Web Access and Laserfiche Servers are installed on separate machines. For overview information, see Enabling Kerberos Support for Windows Authentication.
Customizing WebLink Quick Start
How to customize the content and layout of your WebLink web page. (Updated January 2007)
Web Tools Best Practices
This paper provides suggestions for optimizing your Laserfiche WebLink or Web Access installation to make it more accessible for your users and easier to administrate.
WebLink Communication Chart
A visual representation of the WebLink architecture.
Web Products Introduction and Tips
Introduction to Laserfiche Web Products and web products architecture, with tips for web product configurations.
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Latest KB Articles
1012518A "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000E (E_OUTOFMEMORY))" Error Occurs When Logging In With WebLink 7. FIX15-Feb-2010
1012007WebLink May Cause Excessive Memory Usage in the Laserfiche Server When You Perform Multiple Searches During One Login Session. FIX21-Sep-2009
1012269Client Programs May Be Unable to Display Certain Images When Connecting to a Laserfiche 8.1 Repository. ERROR24-Jun-2009
1011971Large Grayscale Images May Display with Inverted Colors As You Increase Magnification. ERROR21-Apr-2008
1011943Customizing the Number of Thumbnails Displayed on the Document Viewer Page. INFO10-Mar-2008
1011926An "Exception from HResult: 0x80040BBD" Error Occurs When Viewing Large Images. ERROR04-Feb-2008
1011900Using the Laserfiche Diagnostics 2007 Utility. INFO12-Nov-2007
1011833Configuring WebLink on a 64-bit version of Windows. INFO05-Nov-2007
1011877Configuring WebLink to Use Both Windows Authentication and Password Authentication. INFO17-Sep-2007
1011871A "CS0016: Could not write to output file." Error Occurs When Loading WebLink or Web Access. ERROR20-Aug-2007
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